Falling Water

October 20, 2009

“Wagner, Behrens and Perret lightened the solid massiveness of traditional architecture; Wright dynamited it.” – Henry Russell Hitchcock and Philip Johnson, The International Style

Falling Water

On an unrelated to the picture note: everything that I seem to be reading at the moment comes back in some manner, whether circuitous or direct, to the Crystal Palace. Following on from the previous Pynchon and Benjamin related post (the second of which will follow shortly) it seems apparent that the structuring impulse of modernity, beyond the obvious architectural implications (in the Crystal Palace’s iron and glass architecture), is concerned with the mastery and manipulation of light. I’ll elaborate on this subsequently, but I wanted to stick a new picture up here to make me feel like I’d achieved something positive under the darkened skies of an October Tuesday. And, you know, it was mentioned in the best and newest 50p paperback I bought.


2 Responses to “Falling Water”

  1. Angela Saylor Says:

    I’d like to use the first photo in a children’s book. Would I need permission to reprint? Thanks.

    • allfordeadtime Says:

      I pinched the photo from somewhere and subsequently forgot the point of origination. There might be some on wikimedia that are subject to creative commons licenses.

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